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Date & Time: Saturday, October 12th at 10:00AM
Location: GROUNDS KEEPER Showroom, 798 Highway 34, Matawan

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About The Seminar

lighting fall pondThe secret to a successful, healthy pond opening in the spring is to properly shut your pond down and winterize it in the fall. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to protect your pond’s ecosystem and fish during the cold winter months, including:

  • When to switch to cold water fish food and when to stop feeding altogether
  • How to care for aquatic plants, from marginals to lilies and grasses and even tropical plants
  • What types of equipment you’ll need – from aerators to heaters and deicers – to protect your pond and its inhabitants from cold, ice and snow
  • How to properly clean and care for warm weather equipment until you’re ready to use it again
  • How to net and cover your pond to prevent debris from upsetting the biological balance of your pond
  • When to add cold water bacteria and more!

Refreshments will be served so please RSVP to hold your spot.