Water & Fire

For Beauty & Fun

Outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and water features to enhance your outdoor experience

We want to create a staycation effect with outdoor music playing, LED moonlight, the sound and movement of water. The interactive effect is really powerful.

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Relax, Entertain, Revitalize

Water and fire create a multi-sensory experience that appeals to us on an instinctive level. Since the dawn of time these elements have been central to our most beloved traditions and part of our most profound rituals. As part of an outdoor space, they continue to inspire, to evoke emotions and to craft the backdrop for relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you enjoy curling up in front of a fire with a good book, toasting marshmallows on a summer evening, gazing peacefully at a fountain or bubbling water feature, or even cooking in your custom fireplace or wood-fired oven, we can bring your dreams to life.

Set A Scene To Suit Your Lifestyle

The true beauty and usefulness of an outdoor space lies in the myriad enhancements that turn an ordinary yard into another room in your home, equipped with everything but the walls. Whether it’s bubbling water in a garden or stone bed, a stately fountain pool, a cascading waterfall, the grand fireplace you’ve always imagined or an intimate fire pit, we can imbue ambiance, create drama, inspire serenity, kindle romance, spark excitement or design just about any other atmosphere you can imagine.

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Everyone that enters our back yard is in awe. Our neighbor came back with her daughter and the daughter exclaimed "mom, it looks like a resort back here!" Our neighbor on the side by the water feature says she loves to go out in her sun room and look at it. We put a gas fire pit on the patio and it is just so nice sitting out there at night with the fire pit on and the lights on the waterfall. It's quite obvious why you have won so many home and garden awards!

Laura and Tom O.Old Bridge, New Jersey

Water And Fire Features Designed For Your Enjoyment

By incorporating the latest in technology, lighting, music and more into the surrounding elements of your New Jersey home, we create the perfect naturalistic setting for you to enjoy the sight and sound of water and fire.

We pride ourselves on listening to your desires, educating you on your options and bringing your vision to life. If you’re ready to turn your Monmouth County home into a place of wonder, delight and sensory pleasure, contact us online or visit our Matawan showroom and let us show you just how stunning your space can be.

Let's talk about how water and fire can transform your space!

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