RSVP For Our Free Spring Pond Cleanout Seminar

Date & Time: Saturday, April 7 OR Saturday, April 21 at 11AM
Location: GROUNDS KEEPER Showroom, 798 Highway 34, Matawan

RSVP here or call (732) 566-1600

  • We'll contact you about cancellations/changes.

About The Seminar

The purpose for doing a cleanout of your pond each Spring is for rejuvenation. Spring algae blooms occur because of the excessive amounts of nutrients left in the pond throughout the winter months.

In this seminar you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to replace old, nutrient-dense water with fresh water, including:

  • How to clean your pump and filters
  • How to safely remove fish during cleaning and put them back when you’re done
  • What type of bacteria to use and why
  • When to release plant fertilizers, pond detoxifiers and more!

Refreshments will be served so please RSVP to hold your spot.