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6 Convincing Reasons To Add A Pond To Your Yard

By December 27, 2016March 22nd, 2022Ponds
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If you already have a pond or waterfall in your yard, then you probably don’t need to be convinced of their value! We know plenty of “indoor people” who suddenly found themselves spending hours outdoors, regardless of season, enjoying the sights and sounds of a new water feature. In fact, we know plenty of people who were convinced they absolutely did not want a pond, who were delighted to have their minds changed.

As one of our customers told us, “From our morning coffee to our evening wine, you will undoubtedly find at least one of us enjoying the sights and sounds that [our pond] brings. At first I was opposed to the idea; “Too much work”; “I’m not a fish person”; “We won’t ever find time to sit out there.” Was I wrong!!! It has become one of our favorite relaxation areas.”

But don’t take it from us. Here are a handful of reasons that you can use to convince yourself.

Ponds Inspire Quality Family Time

If the everyday bustle of racing off to sports practice or band practice is cutting into your family time, if your idea of “family time” has become another point of stress as you rack your brain for “quality” things to do, try stepping back and sitting beside a pond with your children for a few minutes. And don’t be surprised if those few minutes turn into ten, thirty or even several hours.

From wading to gazing to feeding koi and even trying out your green thumb, a pond can provide enjoyment for the whole family. Here’s what one of our customers planned when her pond was installed:

“I’m having a reveal party with my family and I’m going to let the kids name the fish. It’s another way to inspire socialization and get the family together. Spanish friends can give them a Spanish name. I’m also going to set up some art supplies so people can draw pictures of the fish. At my age I don’t have toys to play with anymore but I can invite family and friends over who have children and now I have a fish pond. The kids don’t want to go to some boring house.”

It doesn’t get much more “quality” than that – shared time with some language lessons and art thrown in!

And if you find yourself technology-bound, whether to your computer or smart phone, and wish the kids would do something other than vegetate in front of their tablets, try this family’s weekend on for size:

“We can sit on our patio and watch our own reality nature show…from the fish in the pond, to the birds in the feeder, butterflies around the plants and raccoons and possums scurrying across the back fence…1,000 times better than HDTV ever could be.”

Inspire any ideas for you yet?

Ponds Improve Curb Appeal

Did you think ponds and waterfalls were just for the back yard? Think again!

Water features can be placed anywhere your landscape allows – front, back, even side yards. One that can be seen from the street makes your home stand out from others in the neighborhood and can even have the added benefit of dampening noise from traffic or neighbors.

Waterfront property is a highly prized commodity, but not everyone has the luxury of moving to the lakefront or ocean. With a pond, you can create the effects of water, from tranquility to visual beauty and a wildlife haven, no matter how land-locked you may be.

The nice thing about a pond over a lake or ocean is that a pond can be custom designed to perfectly suit your personality and space. For example, rocks can be chosen to achieve the exact height, texture and other effects you desire, waterfalls can be added to create motion, and plants can be chosen for their four-season delights, so you can enjoy a pond all year long.

Plus, a well-designed landscape can increase the value of your home by up to 20 percent. Whether you’re considering selling your home or just want to enjoy it for all it’s worth, a pond can increase your home’s intrinsic value – whether monetary or in terms of your pleasure – with minimal effort and maintenance.

A Pond Enhances Wellness

Mother Nature has long been known for her all-natural therapeutic effects on physical and mental health, and there’s nothing fanciful about it – water has been scientifically shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and enhance overall well-being.

Watching a waterfall or following the antics of your koi can reduce distractions and lessen overstimulation, giving your 21st century brain a chance to decompress and reconnect to the world you live in.

Need more convincing? Hospital patients with aquatic views recover from surgery faster, and watching a fish tank has been shown to reduce negative behaviors and improve the memories of Alzheimer’s patients.

Whether you’re a chronic pain sufferer or just chronically stressed, you may be pleasantly surprised by the myriad benefits of a back yard pond.

A Pond Encourages Environmentalism

You don’t have to be a die-hard tree-hugger to appreciate the earth and all its bounty. We’ve already touched on nature’s healing ability, not to mention the opportunities it affords to share quality time with your family – or spend relaxing time with yourself.

A natural ecosystem pond is an excellent way to appreciate and encourage life-sustaining environmentalism. A well balanced pond needs little maintenance, and can be completely chemical-free. That’s great for you, your family, your pets, your landscape and the world at large.

With the right balance of plants, fish, aeration and filtration, a pond becomes its own self-cleansing and self-propagating ecosystem, attracting wildlife of many varieties, from frogs to birds, butterflies, salamanders, turtles and more.

Ponds Are Perfect For Hobbyists

Koi aren’t just colorful and fun to watch, but they make great pets, too. They’re highly intelligent, can learn to recognize you and will even eat right out of your hand. If you love the idea of an aquarium but don’t think you’re ready for dealing with the management and maintenance of an indoor fish tank, a koi and goldfish pond is an ideal hobby.

If you have a burgeoning green thumb, aquatic plants provide the perfect playground to indulge your passion and expand your skills. From marginals to submerged plants to beloved floaters like water lilies, aquatic plants come in such a variety of sizes, shapes and colors that the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The wildlife that a pond attracts make it perfect for the bird watcher or butterfly enthusiast. In fact, you can combine hobbies by experimenting with different plant varieties to see what kind of new and interesting wildlife you can invite to your yard!

A Pond Can Make A Small Space Appear Larger

If you’ve read down here to the bottom and thought wistfully of how nice a pond could be if only you had the space – cheer up! A pond is a great addition to a small space, because rather than crowding it, a pond will actually make it appear larger.

The reflective properties of water create this illusion, and a strategically placed pond can be the focal point of your yard, which draws the eye and takes attention away from the size of the space to put it on the use of the space.

Plus, a waterfall can add height, which makes excellent use of vertical space in an otherwise small yard. For maximum effect, use underwater lighting to create and enhance those reflective properties in the evening, too.

If you weren’t convinced before, we hope you’re excited now by the possibilities that a pond can bring to your outdoor space. Whether you’d like to talk about adding one to your landscape or you need a little extra nudge before you’re truly convinced, let us know. Ponds are our passion!