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8 Ways Outdoor Audio Can Make Your Time Outside More Fun

By August 3, 2022November 30th, 2022Outdoor Living
8 Ways Outdoor Audio Can Make Your Time Outside More Fun

You’ve got the patio, the lighting, the comfy seating. You might even have the pool and pond. Or at least you’re planning it all!

Your outdoor space is looking and feeling pretty spiffy. But there might be one more thing you’re missing, one more addition that could take your outdoor experience from good to great… or from great to truly exceptional.

That one thing is outdoor audio. And no, we don’t mean those stereo speakers you dragged out to the patio, or even that wireless speaker you hooked up to your iPhone.

We’re talking about true outdoor audio, designed to work as part of your overall landscape. You may rarely give a thought to audio in your back yard (or front – why not!) but it can enhance your outdoor experience in both subtle and dramatic ways.

These are some everyday occasions when outdoor audio is called for, and how it can add ambiance, set a mood, and even make your outdoor time more fun.

outdoor pool speakers1. At The Pool

Every good pool party needs some tunes. Instead of blaring tinny sound from a smart phone, or deafening half the neighborhood by turning up the volume from the patio or (heaven forbid!) the living room speakers, an outdoor audio system can give you great sound and more control over the output.

Outdoor speakers will stand up to splashing, and can be distributed so that you get sound coverage evenly throughout the entire pool area.

Better yet, you can play party tunes at the pool, but have a separate zone for the patio where the conversational crowd can enjoy something mellower in the background.

2. For Watching Movies Or Sports

If you want to enjoy an outdoor movie night with the kids, or host a Sunday afternoon football party, you may choose to install an outdoor television.

But with the modern-day assumption that most people will install their own sound system, even indoor televisions are not necessarily designed to sound great. And the acoustics of being outdoors makes it that much harder to get good sound.

If you really want to hear the movie or catch the score, you need more than just a megaphone blasting audio from the television. An outdoor audio system will give you the flexibility to add speakers in strategic locations, so the kids sitting up front and center can hear just as well as mom or dad out by the grill cooking up the hot dogs.

3. As Part Of Your Kitchen Or Patio

Whether you love to entertain, or enjoy dinner al fresco, your back yard can have every bit of the ambiance as a top-notch restaurant.

With speakers mounted on an exterior wall or the underside of a pergola, embedded into gardens or hidden in planters, even sitting atop a stone wall or table as a bit of the décor, you, your family, and guests can appreciate pleasant background music while you cook, dine, or socialize.

And with an outdoor audio system, you can stream whatever you like, so if you’re out on the patio working hard to prepare dinner, you can even treat yourself to a guided meditation or your favorite podcast.

outdoor garden speaker4. In The Garden

You may not have considered streaming a bit of classical music or smooth jazz as you walk through your garden beds or stroll your property. But some of the best spots for outdoor speakers are in gardens and along walkways.

Leave the headphones at home and experience the sounds of nature – birds chirping, water flowing, wind rustling grasses – with music as the backdrop to enhance your experience.

Garden speakers are low-profile, and can easily be hidden within the landscaping. Some are even designed to look like natural stone. With speakers set strategically along your path, the music will seem to emanate from the earth itself, subtle and soothing.

5. For Special Events

Graduations, weddings, family reunions, anniversaries, birthdays… there are plenty of occasions to celebrate, and plenty of reasons to do it outdoors. If your yard is ready for guests, from a few to a few dozen, then music can be the crowning glory of your entertainment space.

An outdoor audio system is a permanent addition to your landscape, which means that there won’t be any running around to grab speakers, run cables, and get set up for your party. All you have to do is decide what music suits the occasion, and play it.

You’ll be assured of smooth, consistent, and even sound, whether your guests are congregating on the patio, strolling through a flower garden, sitting by the pool, or chatting by the pond. With a multi-zone setup, you can enjoy different music in different locations of your yard, without suffering distortion or unnerving rises and dips in volume.

6. Accompanying A Water Feature

A water feature has a music all its own, from the sound of a waterfall rushing over stone, to the bubbling of a basalt column, and even the small sounds of nearby critters, like the splashing of fish or croaking of frogs.

All of the natural sounds of your aquatic environment pair perfectly with soothing background music – not so much to take center stage as to provide the accompaniment to Mother Nature’s symphony.

Faux stone speakers are perfect pond-side and will blend seamlessly into the landscaping surrounding a stream or garden bubbler.

And remember, outdoor audio systems are designed to withstand rough weather, temperatures swings, wind, rain and snow. That makes them perfect for year-round enjoyment, even during the still winter months when your waterfall may have frozen over.

7. As A Backdrop For Chores

They may not be your favorite thing, but eventually you’re going to have to do them. It might be weeding or moving the lawn, perhaps cleaning your grill or organizing the shed.

Wouldn’t all that hard work be a little more agreeable with your favorite music keeping you company? Instead of popping your headphones in, which can inhibit conversation and even pose a danger if you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings, play a tune on your outdoor audio system instead.

When outdoor speakers are distributed properly, you’ll be able to hear the music just as well from one side of the patio to the other, from the garden to the grill. And you’ll never have to raise the volume so the sound can reach you as you move around, which means you won’t be disturbing the neighbors, either.

8. To Motivate A Workout

Get out of the gym and into your own back yard, where you can enjoy the physical benefits of a good workout in addition to the emotional and spiritual benefits of being in nature.

Leave the headphones inside, you’re going to be sweating enough! And skip the tinny, distorted sound of portable speakers. You can embed your favorite motivational music right into the environment around you.

Whether you’re swimming laps, shooting hoops, lifting weights, or doing yoga in your zen garden, music can set the tone and motivate you to enjoy the experience.

Outdoor audio can be as integral to great landscape design as lighting, seating and koi ponds. It can set a tone, add ambiance, enhance your experience, play backdrop at a party, take center stage at a baseball game, and make your space a lot more fun.

If you’d like to find out more about outdoor audio systems and how they can add to your experience, book a consultation with us. We’ll learn about your lifestyle, look at your space, and design a plan for a sound system that will bring you enjoyment all year long.