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Commercial Landscape Design Trends

By September 15, 2014March 22nd, 2022Landscape Design
Commercial Landscape Design Trends

Just like in the world of music, movies, fashion and food, landscape design in Monmouth County also has its own trends. But, unlike music, movies, fashion and food, landscape design trends, specifically commercial landscape design have a lot more to with just the attractive appeal to it. In fact, the reason why most trends come about when it comes to commercial landscape design is because of it having to do with changes in the weather, maintenance costs as well as costs of water. If you are looking for a few design trends for commercial options, look no further.

Mediterranean Landscaping

The Mediterranean Landscaping style is becoming a hot trend in 2014 and will most likely continue through to 2015. Not only does Mediterranean Landscaping have to do with visual looks such as terracotta flower pots or brightly colored pots, but it also deals a lot with decorative tile with lots of different pops of color. This type of commercial landscape design also deals with various herbage and plants that do really well in hot weather scenarios where you don’t need to heavily rely on water or water usage. This would also be congruent with people that don’t want to have a really high water bill from having to water all those plants outside in the landscape. Some of the better types of shrubage and herbage would include options such as lavender, juniper, cacti, rosemary and Mexican Sage – all of which are known for being easy to care for, especially in drought ridden locations.

Green Landscape Design

It should be no big surprise that going green with a commercial landscape design is a popular design trend. More and more over the past 5 years people are becoming more aware of going green, what it means to go green and the benefits of going green so it shouldn’t really shock you that going green with a green rooftop or using vertical landscaping design is becoming super popular. Specifically in urban areas, things like green roofs and eco-friendly landscaping is becoming more and more popular. Green rooftops are incredibly popular because they bring Mother Nature back into the fold, which can help clean the air from pollution, but green roofs can also help to catch water when it rains – which means you hardly ever have to water them manually. Vertical gardens on the other hand are another very popular green friendly option when it comes to commercial landscape design. While still relatively new and somewhat unheard of (depending on your area), these vertical walls make a fantastic design statement and work especially well in small or confined spaces.

Bright & Bold Landscape Design

If you have a small commercial lot for your business or building, but you still want to make a great statement with flowers, shrubs, trees or herbage, it’s a good idea to start taking a look at bright and bold landscape design options. These options allow you to make a statement, while still being confined to a small spot. Think of big beautiful aesthetically pleasing shrubage like Firebird Crepe Myrtle, Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle or Sunrise Forsythia. For flowers consider wild flowers – they can live together harmoniously, but they have big bright colors that make any location look amazing. For trees you can considering smaller versions such as Eastern Redbud or Mimosa or larger versions like Hawthorn, Evergreen, Little leaf linden or Oak.

Container Planting For Minimal Space

A lot of business properties such as warehouses and office buildings tend to not have a lot of space for landscaping, but they still want their space to look nice. If you have a small confined space, why not consider container planting? Having a variety of plants you can place in a confined space – using various container heights and sizes is a great way to lead up to an entrance or walkway. But, don’t just use regular back containers, use attractive or colorful pots of all sizes, shapes, styles and colors. You can even use different pots made from different materials if it’s in your budget.