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Creating Indoor Lifestyles Outside

By June 2, 2014March 22nd, 2022Outdoor Living
Creating Indoor Lifestyles Outside

Living beyond the walls of an indoor space, an outside room is the second home of the 21st century. Living it up outdoors can be a year round retreat! Make your outdoor living go from fantasy to reality. An outdoor room is anything you can dream. It’s a place to entertain, to prepare meals, to dine, to escape, to relax and is an extension of an indoor living space.

An outdoor room can be a living area with a fully functional kitchen island including grilling and other built in equipment like a refrigerator, sink, storage, smoker and ice cream maker to name a few. Your entertaining area can include a fireplace, fire pit or outdoor heater to use on cool evenings or in colder months.

Set a relaxing ambience using lighting and outdoor audio and video. Think about a sense of enclosure with an awning, gazebo or pergola.

Dining furnishings, cozy seating areas and accessories such as candles, make this room a favorite of the home. Attracting Wildlife Attracting wildlife makes this room unique from the rest of the homes rooms.

Waterfalls, water gardens, ponds, birth baths and fountains will attract birds and butterflies. A four season garden display will also attract wildlife and also bring beauty, sound and fragrance to the room.

An outdoor garden room can also be as tasteful as an open area under an umbrella. The list is pretty endless. Regardless of what suits your needs and lifestyle choices, and outdoor room will become your private vacation spot. Start with a concept, jot down your plan, do some research on the internet or in books and turn your dream into a reality. Enjoy your outdoor room during the daylight or under the stars!