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Home Value And Exterior Design

By July 21, 2014March 22nd, 2022Property Maintenance
Home Value And Exterior Design

There’s an old saying that holds true when it comes to selling a home: You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression. When putting a home up on the market and allowing potential buyers to come look at it, it’s likely that by the time they knock at the door, they have already formed an opinion about the home, the property and how much it is probably worth. In order to create the profitable first impression, it’s important to start with the home’s front.

How Important Are Home Exteriors?

It’s simply a smart investment to improve a home’s curb appeal. The national Association of Realtors has noted that in most cases door and window projects end up paying for themselves. Not only do they increase the home’s energy efficiency, they can also have a huge impact on the aesthetical appeal of the house. About 90% of the time, a buyer’s first impression is important to whether or not they purchase a home. Nearly 82% of potential buyers will not take the time to look inside a house because of its exterior appearance. The exterior of a home can be a very important selling point. What should a homeowner concentrate on if they want to sell their home? Here are a few tips.

Should I Replace The Doors And Windows?

If the home does not have newer, more energy efficient doors and windows then they should be upgraded. Not only do they complement the home’s exterior and interior designs, having less efficient models can discourage potential buyers. Dress up the front door so that it stands out. Paint it if it needs to be painted, or place some nice plants near the door to help dress the area up somewhat. It’s important that the front door area be very appealing for potential home buyers.

Choosing The Right Color Combinations

Remember that a home is really the reflection of those who live in it. However, if you are selling the home, or getting it ready to sale, it’s important to use colors that would be appropriate for the region, and design of the home. When color is done right and coordinated appropriately, it can sell the home. It is certain that if the house needs painting, don’t skip it as it could cost you the sale. But if you just painted it recently, then something like new windows and doors can spruce it up for you. In some instances, installing new doors and windows that are the right accent color might be all that is needed.

Landscaping The Home’s Exterior

When a person drives up to the house for the first time, they are likely to see how well the house has been kept up and if it looks like it has been well cared for or not. But either at the same time, or just a second after the first glance at the house, the potential buyer will likely see the landscape quality. It is very much worth it to hire a professional landscaper to dress up the yard prior to selling. In some cases, all that is necessary is planting new grass, flowers or greenery. If a homeowner is not ready for that, then they may just pay to have the yard cleaned up and all the clutter removed. If it is practical, installing a front walkway is well worth the expense. It is a way to draw attention to the home instantly. If designed correctly, a walkway can act like an arrow which points the way to the entrance of the house. A walkway that is cleaned and groomed can enhance the home’s beauty. You may also want to add some solar lights or flowers to line the walkway and make it stand out to buyers.

Don’t Forget The Roof!

For many homeowners, roof improvements might be delayed because of the expense. But in order for a home to sell quickly and be valued higher, consider improving the roof. It does more than just improve the external appearance of the home. This does not necessarily mean that the roof has to be totally replaced, but it should be fixed and the gutters cleaned prior to showing the house. Replacing broken or cracked shingles can help improve the home’s curb appeal. There should not be any places where a roof leaks. Make sure the roof looks decent and in good shape if you expect to ask top dollar for the home.