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How To Plan A Landscaping Project

By July 28, 2014March 22nd, 2022Landscape Design
How To Plan A Landscaping Project

In today’s world, who doesn’t use Google as their go-to resource for everything? Even YouTube can be a valuable tool for the DIYer. Landscaping projects became a whole lot easier after the advent of the World Wide Web, otherwise we were forced to page through dusty periodicals at the local library, spend countless hours poring over how-to primers or studying labels on garden chemicals at the hardware store.

All that effort was just to ensure our evergreens and deciduous trees looked good. Sometimes we’d pound in a fertilizer stake and call it done, and if the bush died, we’d whack off the brown spots and keep our fingers crossed.

The modern gardener sure is spoiled because just a few mouse clicks will yield a warehouse of knowledge right before our very eyes, after we plug in a few key words. Voila! Not to disparage Google, but you should never believe everything you read on the internet whether it is gardening related or otherwise (and never believe those goofy dog and crazy cat videos unless you posted them on YouTube yourself).

Seriously now, if you’ve been perusing the internet because a particular landscaping project piqued your interest, and you just want to make some subtle landscaping changes to your home, a quick search on Google to glean ideas for revamping your yard is fine. Proper planning, even for the do-it-yourself project, makes all the difference in the finished work.

But, if you are considering a major backyard overhaul, you should really seek the services of a person skilled in landscape design. It seems there is an app for everything these days, but sadly, no app or internet site, could even hope to duplicate the efforts of an experienced landscaping contractor in the Belmar or Little Silver area.


“I’m not a DIYer and I’ve got no time to do that or it is way out of my budget” is your mantra and thus any new landscaping ideas popped out of your head as soon as they flitted in there. But, of course, you still continued popping onto landscaping websites … remember that your leisure time is a precious commodity.

The self-assuredness of completing a beautiful enhancement for your backyard without any help is awesome to be sure, but to what expense? You save some money but you also spend countless hours measuring, buying the materials and a week’s worth of vacation installing that new pond in your backyard.

You ended up running back to the big box store at least a dozen times because you didn’t measure right for the liner, or you bought the wrong materials and on and on it goes. Your time is valuable and this is why you should consult a professional to get the backyard of your dreams completed timely, properly and with satisfaction guaranteed.

What Can A Landscape Contractor Do For Me?

If you utilize the services of a landscape contractor, that person will get you started with ideas and stay with you, one-on-one, from start to finish. An experienced consultant will come to your home, analyze your needs and make helpful suggestions (ideas that are inherent to your property and that you perhaps never-ever gleaned from the internet or on your own). Together, you’ll discuss your options as to landscape design and your head will be filled with visions of a backyard paradise and soon you’ll be asking “when can we start?”

As the backyard project progresses and your new paradise takes shape, you’ll never regret retaining the services of a professional landscape consultant and you will know the job will look as good twenty years from now as it does on the day it is completed.

The Grass Is Always Greener

Now that you are ready and willing to take your backyard from functional to fantastic, look at some of the ways to revamp your outside living area. The largest investment you could make is an in-ground pool.

Here in our cold-weather state, we cannot use our swimming pools year-round, but you have many months to put your pool to good use. In-ground pools are a valuable asset to your property and have good resale value, and a good-quality swimming pool will last for many, many years. Pools today come in a variety of styles and sizes and an experienced landscape consultant can tailor the pool to your yard making it meld right into the existing landscaping or create new landscaping if necessary.

A spa can be attached to a pool for the ultimate relaxation after a quick dip. While pools are for people, and the occasional fur kid, there are many tranquil water features to add to your backyard which will turn it into a paradise and appeal to your senses. For beautiful backyard décor, a person skilled in landscape design might recommend a flowing waterfall with a nearby paver brick patio.

A pond, complete with water lilies or beautiful koi fish, will lend an aura of enchantment and whimsy. Another water feature used in large or small backyards are fountains. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and the ever-changing water formations will mesmerize and amaze you at the same time.

Lights are often used in backyard living areas and can be placed strategically around your patio, pond or pool area to enhance a natural landscape setting, allow for after-dark get-togethers or a late swim session. Of course any additional lighting, no matter how subtle, aids in added security benefits for your home.

Perhaps a large fire pit with comfy benches encircling it would be the focal point of the patio. An outside kitchen is the latest trend for backyards, but a hot dog on your simple pedestal gas grill can taste just as good when you’re amongst family and friends and surrounded by the ambiance of your professionally landscaped yard.

Celebrate the warm-weather months and create memories in your backyard paradise which will take you through the long winter months ahead.