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Life After Dusk: How Lighting And Music Can Transform Your Landscape

By August 25, 2022Outdoor Living
Life After Dusk: How Lighting And Music Can Transform Your Landscape

Do you bring the party indoors after the sun sets? Or do you simply pop the light on outside your patio door to keep the fun going a little longer?

If you said yes to either of those, this is for you! This is also for you if you enjoy being outdoors after dusk, but wish there were more to the experience. And this is definitely for you if you said, “What party?”

Today we’re expanding on our prior post where we explored ways to enhance your outdoor enjoyment during evening hours. And we’re doing it by sharing three additional ways to have more fun under the stars than you could have imagined.

The way to do it? Light and sound! Tune in, turn it up, and find out how you can set the stage for hours of nighttime enjoyment – whether you’re relaxing solo or entertaining the whole family.

Bonfire Fun

Whether it’s the middle of a hot summer or a chill winter’s evening, a back yard fire pit is an excellent focal point for an evening gathering. From toasting s’mores to telling ghost stories, there is something inherently primal and satisfying about doing it over the glow of embers.

It may be hard to imagine anything more pleasant than a relaxing or social evening around a fire, but we bet you can guess which two things will really pack a punch when it comes to creating ambiance…

That’s right, lighting and music.

Yes, fire brings its own light, but it certainly doesn’t cover the entirety of your yard, and it won’t help anyone ducking back into the house for a bathroom break or an extra wine glass.

When it comes to enjoying a fire pit, the surrounding lighting is just as important as the fire itself. Think string lights dangling above the patio to add a cozy charm, or lanterns spread out around you to create an ambient glow that will make you feel like you’re part of the setting and not just an isolated flame in the center.

And of course pathway and exterior house lighting for safely moving around the space – and for tying the indoors together with the outdoors for a fully integrated experience.

But don’t stop at lighting for creating atmosphere. A truly exceptional experience is multi-sensory, and adding music will bring an entirely new dimension to yours.

For relaxing around a fire pit, a set of outdoor patio speakers will suit the occasion nicely. Space them around your gathering area for a seamless surround sound that everyone can enjoy – without waking the neighbors!

Outdoor speakers can be embedded into gardens, placed on patios, and even mounted on exterior walls. They’re designed to evenly disperse sound in open spaces so whether the music is front and center or played as a backdrop, you’ll get quality sound without distortion no matter where you’re sitting.

Hot Tub Heaven

Maybe you’re not one for boisterous pool parties, but relaxing in a hot tub is right up your alley. A hot tub can fit into smaller spaces, and as a bonus, you can enjoy it all year long. Soak in its steamy water on a cold winter’s day, or relax in a more cooling temperature on a summer evening.

In fact, the best part of the day to enjoy your hot tub might very well be after the sun has set. Close your eyes in the dim light, relax under the stars, and experience the soothing sensations of this little piece of sensory heaven.

If you really want to make your experience special and memorable, bring on the light and sound!

Starlight is great, but you can’t always rely on Mother Nature to shine down on you. So whether it’s an overcast evening, or you want to add a bit more ambiance, landscape lighting can really bring the charm. Deck your patio out with string lights to create a canopy of contentment, surround the area with lanterns, columns, or globes to enhance the atmosphere of relaxation, or even install lighting in the topmost branches of nearby trees to create your own moonlight.

And while you’re bathing in all that beauty, imagine how extra-special your experience could be with the soothing sound of some background music, whether you enjoy a bit of solo piano, the strumming of a guitar, some classical music, opera, or light modern pop. For those more energetic times, it’s just as easy to whip up some rock or hip hop!

The point is that you can enjoy whatever you choose and whatever suits the occasion at the touch of a button. No figuring out how to get speakers outside, no worrying about running wires.

Outdoor speakers are designed to be permanent fixtures, whether mounted on a wall, placed on a patio, or embedded in gardens. They’re weather-resistant and can stand up to heat, cold, wind, and rain, as well as to the splashing and moisture from a hot tub.

Finding Your Inner Buddha

Whether you meditate for spiritual reasons, or simply to help manage your stress and improve your mental well-being, the outdoors provides the perfect location for you to do it.

Part of the meditative experience is creating an environment that gives you the space and peace you need to focus. Sure, you could close your eyes and meditate in the middle of a messy living room, and if you’re particularly Zen you could even block out the noise and chaos around you. But for most of us, environment matters!

Being outdoors activates your senses and roots you firmly in the moment. It can be easier to let go of your worries and enjoy a few serene moments surrounded by the beauty of nature. So lay your meditation mat out near your favorite flower garden, sit on a pond-side bench, or recline in a hammock if it suits you.

Then turn on the lights and start the music!

For evening meditation, lighting can come in many forms. Everything from a small fire pit, to some flickering lanterns, a spotlit sculpture, or even colored lights in relaxing hues of blues or greens can enhance your experience.

And instead of popping in headphones that block out the rest of the world, let meditative music play lightly from within your gardens themselves. Or if you’re inclined, you can even play a guided mediation that will emanate from your surroundings without disturbing the neighbors.

With background audio from your outdoor speakers, you can enjoy music or guidance and still hear the sounds of the birds, the breezes, and the waterfalls that may surround you.

Are you imagining all the ways that light and sound can enhance your outdoor experience yet? If you’d like to explore ways that these two landscape essentials can help you enjoy your time outside even more, book a consultation with us. We’ll learn about your lifestyle, listen to your dreams, and plan the perfect setting for you.