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Underwater Koi Camera: What Do Fish Do All Day?

By April 16, 2015March 22nd, 2022Ponds
Underwater Koi Camera: What Do Fish Do All Day?

Have you ever wondered what your fish do all day? If you had the luxury of lounging in the back yard you could watch these shimmering, colorful pond critters at play and at rest. But many of us work during the day and heed the call of other responsibilities even as we’d rather be relaxing beside our ponds.

Well, now you can enjoy your fish even when you can’t be out in the yard. An underwater koi camera is the perfect way to bring them right into your living room or anywhere you have a TV or digital screen.

But an underwater camera can do more than just let you enjoy your fish. It actually serves some other vital purposes, too.

How An Underwater Koi Camera Can Make Your Pond A Better Place

It’s fun to watch your fish but did you also know that keeping an eye on them can give you important clues about their health and well being?

For starters, you can watch for predators to see if your critters are in danger. If you notice a problem then you can take the next appropriate steps – such as installing netting, decoys or taking other preventive measures to keep fish safe.

Use your camera throughout the winter to check on your fish as the temperatures drop and the pond ices over. A frozen pond can be fatal to fish and you may not notice from your cozy chair near the fireplace – but with a camera you can easily check on the health of your pond and take action if conditions get dangerous.

An underwater camera can also help you keep a close eye on the overall health of your ecosystem. You’ll quickly be able to see if the water becomes too cloudy or choked with debris.

And you’ll be able to spot symptoms of poor fish health, which can include jumping into the air, sitting at the bottom of the pond, twitching and more. Catching these signs early can help you treat the affected fish and even the whole pond before other fish suffer.

How Well Do They Work?

The clarity of your picture will depend on a few things. As you may expect, cloudy water will yield a cloudy image. As you place the camera further down at the bottom of a pond, you may lose some of the light source, which may result in a dimmer picture. This is also true for nighttime pictures.

But given regular daylight you should get a beautiful glimpse into the world beneath your pond. And if you’ve got underwater LED lighting installed, that can improve your night shots as well.

Just take a look at this actual video of an underwater koi camera in action. It beats a screen saver any day!

If you’re interested in a camera for your pond, let us know. We have a full stock in our Matawan showroom and can also install and set it up for you.