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7 Ideas For Spectacular Fall Landscaping

By October 18, 2017March 22nd, 2022Landscape Design
4 Ways To Add Color And Beauty To Your Landscape This Fall

Fall is arguably the best time of year for landscaping. Not only is it a great time to plant bulbs and prepare the ground for next spring, but it comes with such striking colors, shapes and textures that you can’t help but sit back and look around you with awe.

The naturally changing leaves might inspire poetry but not all landscaping happens by accident. With an eye for design we can help Mother Nature show off her best during the fall season so you can truly enjoy all she has to offer.

Here’s how we can turn a simple, ordinary yard into a picture right off an autumn postcard.

fall grasses1. Grasses

Ornamental grasses are a popular choice for fall landscaping because they add a graceful, textural component that lasts all winter long. From the feathery plumes of Fountaingrass to the delicate blades and bright purples of Little Bluestem, grasses bring a multisensory experience reflected in color, height, and motion.

Tall, silvery stems are the perfect backdrop for plants with deeply colored foliage, making a statement with light against dark. As both a subtle background or a dramatic focal point, grasses add fall charm to any landscape.

lighting fall pond2. Water

It may be time to prepare your pond for winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it through the fall. You can take advantage of water’s reflective nature by planting brightly colored trees nearby like Japanese Maple or lining the edges with your favorite hues of Chrysanthemum.

Water features like waterfalls, streams or garden bubblers filter out noise and make your space feel cozier. You can run these features all season as long as they don’t freeze over.

If you imagine a soothing water feature as part of your all-year landscape, let's talk. You might be surprised by how waterfalls, ponds, streams, bubblers and fountains can work in the largest or smallest spaces.

Adding lighting to a water feature only enhances its autumn appeal, casting a warm glow that you can enjoy as the days begin to shorten. For an extra special space, couple water with a fire feature and you might just find yourself sitting outside with your favorite blanket instead of in front of the TV indoors.

rustic furniture3. Seating

Your outdoor space is meant to be enjoyed from the outdoors – not just as you gaze out through a window. From your pond or water feature, to a fireplace or fire pit, the best place to enjoy it is sitting relaxed right beside it.

A cluster of chairs around an autumn focal point, or a few placed in a sunny spot where you can bask in the remaining warmth of the sun will go a long way to enhancing your seasonal enjoyment.

Try natural, rustic furniture for a cozy, earthy appeal. And of course add pillows and blankets, not just for visual appeal but for relaxing in comfort.

winter berries4. Berries

Sometimes you don’t need to go big to make a statement. These tiny garden delights add subtle detail that will serve you well through the fall, especially over time as the rest of the landscape loses its color to the neutrals and whites of winter.

The amethyst clusters of Beautyberry or the brilliant red berries of the American cranberry bush are both striking additions to a fall landscape. Even after most trees and plants have lost their leaves and blooms, berries will continue to add bright spots of color and life to your space.

container patio garden5. Containers

Even the dullest space can be brought to life with a fall container garden. And with the myriad colors and textures of fall, you can enjoy some stunning seasonal pieces.

A tall, golden ornamental grass paired with brightly colored mums creates a classic fall look. A textural arrangement of silver sage, purple kale, sedge and even some ornamental peppers for a bit of whimsy will be the highlight of any porch, walkway or garden bench.

Pair the bold colors and textures of autumn with brightly colored pots for a striking look that will endure through winter months as everything else fades to neutrals.

Containers have the added benefit of being easy and versatile enough to be changed from season to season, so when the fall blooms fade, they can be repurposed with holly berry stems, evergreen boughs or clusters of textural branches.

tree bark visual interest6. Bark

This landscape star goes unnoticed for most of the spring and summer months as foliage and flowers take center stage. But during fall and winter months, bark adds texture and subtle color that brings a landscape to life.

Request a consultation and let us show you how color, shape and texture can bring your fall landscape to life.

The bark of River Birch exfoliates into papery sheets of cinnamon and cream, creating a striking look that can stand on its own even as its leaves go to ground. Lacebark pine has a showy trunk in mottled patches of green, gray, orange, brown and white.

As a textural element that adds subtle color and visual interest to a fall landscape, bark is truly a stand out that no landscape should be without.

natural stone7. Stone

Natural stone is one of Mother Nature’s workhorses. It’s incredibly durable, can endure the hottest suns of summer and the deepest snows of winter, and adds character and texture to your landscape.

A natural stone patio makes the perfect foundation for a water feature or fire pit, is a platform for the coziest of seating areas, and can be used to draw the eye into your garden.

A stone base is the perfect accompaniment to container gardens and planters. And stones create the perfect pathways for you to stroll along as you enjoy the fall splendor of your back yard.

If you’re watching the colors of summer fade and want to breathe new life back into your outdoor space for fall and winter, contact us and let us know. We design for four-season landscapes, which means you can enjoy the colors, textures and changing sensory experiences all year long.