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Add Winter Curb Appeal To Beat The Post-Holiday Doldrums

By January 6, 2022March 21st, 2022Landscape Design
Add Winter Curb Appeal To Beat The Post-Holiday Doldrums

January may be known for its resolutions and an uptick in gym memberships, but it’s also infamous for the post-holiday blues. After the merrymaking is done and the yard decorations come down, everything just looks so…. bare.

Even a four-season landscape can feel a little lonely after the bright lights and colorful holiday décor is gone. But if there’s one thing we’re all about, it’s making sure you love your outdoor space, no matter the season or time of year. And January is no exception!

There are plenty of ways to perk up your landscape for post-holiday winter curb appeal. Some are simple enough to take on in a few minutes, and some may require a bit of planning, but all of these ideas should have you grinning in no time.

Do Some Winter Cleaning

This isn’t the sexiest option but it can go a long way to making your space feel new and fresh again. Since autumn you’ve probably accumulated some leaves, twigs, a broken stem or two.

Out from under the brilliance of all those holiday lights, yard debris is going to look all the more rumpled and neglected. This would be a good time to clean up those fallen branches, brown leaves, broken shrubs and untidy mulch beds.

You might be surprised by the lift you can give your yard by the simple addition of a fresh layer of mulch, or even by planting a few winter-hardy plants like Hellebore or kale. You may not be able to plant in the ground right now, but that can’t stop you from getting a winter container garden going!

Invite Company

The party guests are gone, but there are lots of critters out there just waiting for a dinner invitation. This is a great time of year to add a bird feeder (or two or three) to your space and watch it attract our feathered friends.

It doesn’t need to be a holiday for you to enjoy a bright red Cardinal sitting on your winter branches, or appreciate the sleek black wings of a Rusty Blackbird.

Not only do bird feeders invite wildlife, but they can be works of art in themselves. Choose colors, shapes and sizes that will please the eye and suit the type of bird that you wish to attract.

Remember to place them strategically – a bird feeder way out in the back of your yard is probably not going to be as much fun as one you can gaze at from your kitchen window.

Bonus tip: make sure your four-season garden includes plants that birds will enjoy, too. Shrubs with berries are just one option, and will be a lovely way to bring life and color to your space.

Love Your Winter Landscape! Ideas & Care Tips To Survive The ColdAdd Artwork

You don’t need a holiday to spruce up your yard with some eye-catching décor. The inflatable Santa may be in the attic for another year, but in his place, how about a tasteful bench? Or something even more sensory, like a bubbler or fountain?

Water features can double as artwork – from tall, textured columns, to small, shiny orbs and so many sizes, shapes and styles in between that you’re bound to find something to cheer you up.

Water has the added benefit of bringing sight, sound and motion, and when the temperature dips low enough, you might just find yourself enjoying Mother Nature’s artwork in the form of ice sculptures.

Artwork can be as simple as a painted sign or a garden statue, or placing new planters on a patio or porch. Fill them with bunches of twigs, boughs of berries, pinecones, or reclaimed wood from the trunk or branches of trees like white birch. And just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you can’t include a pop of fresh pine.

Even if you don’t fill them, some planters make a statement all by themselves. Find some that speak to your visual aesthetic and display them proudly.

Perk Up Your Porch

If you have a porch or patio, it’s a perfect opportunity to add warmth, coziness and winter curb appeal. You could go all-out and treat yourself to new furniture, like a collection of Adirondack chairs, some farmhouse wicker, rockers, sofas, or whatever suits your lifestyle.

Not ready to refurnish? You could simply spruce up what you have with new pillows, a throw blanket, or even an outdoor carpet in front of a seating area or beneath a table.

Include a pop of color, throw in a bit of extra décor, perhaps a lantern or two, and maybe even a small planter with a couple of leftover Christmas tree branches and you’ve got an attractive space that might even entice you to sit outside for a while.

Keep It Lit

Do you miss the cheery look of string lights when the holidays are over? Then put them back! Swap out the colored bulbs for simple white lights and you can enjoy them year-round.

String lights hung on a railing, wound through trees, or strung above a patio or porch bring a cozy warmth to everything from cold winter nights to balmy summer evenings.

Don’t limit yourself to those tiny holiday-style bulbs, either. There are plenty of options for hanging lights, from “paper” lanterns, to bold globes, vintage bulbs, and delicate fairy lights.

Beyond string lighting, think about how lighting in general can enhance your space. Spotlights, whether placed against your house, highlighting a piece of artwork or water feature, or shining down from treetops will create a warm, happy glow that will improve your curb appeal and bring some joy into your heart.

These are just a few ways to add some January winter curb appeal to a post-holiday landscape. If you’re interested in exploring more ideas, or finding ways to love your landscape all year long, contact us for a consultation and let’s talk about making those new year dreams come true.