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Backyard Lighting Trends

By September 8, 2014May 26th, 2018Lighting
Backyard Lighting Trends

If you have a backyard, patio, deck or lawn that you like retreating to on a nice warm summer’s day, you probably have a certain type of lighting. However, you might be unaware of the lighting options available. If you are looking for lighting trends and landscape design, you’ve come to the right place! Below we’ve listed a variety of lighting options to help transform your outdoor space. Some of these may even become more functional than just being used for light – they also may help you be more energy efficient.

More Than Just A Light

If you really want to make the most of your outdoor area, check out chic and creative options like ambiance lighting. These lights go right under seating or garden features and light up the whole area. Not only is it useful as a light source, but it also looks very cool, especially if you get colored bulbs like blue or orange.

The great thing about ambiance lighting is that you don’t have to just use one color. You can change the color of the lighting at the touch of a button which will drastically impact the way your outdoor area looks and feels. Some of these light products also give you the ability to use a no-touch option and it will just switch to different colors on its own via a timer.

So if you want to start at blue, then 10 minutes later go orange then 6 minutes later go green, etc., you can do that as well. This will make your outdoor area truly unique and make it more attractive when it comes to landscape design.

Multi-Layering Of Lights

A well-lit design should not only be decorative, but functional, too. You can create a functional and decorative look in your backyard by using multiple sources of light such as wall sconces for light on the outside wall of your home, with garden fixtures like lanterns that you can stake into the ground, as well as white lights strung through a few trees in your backyard to create a whimsical vibe.

When you start thinking about landscaping, make a plan beforehand. You can find plans online to help you sketch out your ideas or just draw out the basic lines of your yard, trees, fences, shrubs and home on a piece of paper. Be sure not to have too many lights because overdone is not the same as ambience!

Accent Lights

If you have something like a deck and pool area, you can actually purchase accent lights that mimic the moon. These can be installed low to the ground such as in a garden or on a deck, or higher such as on the side or back of the house to create various looks.

These primarily only come in white light, and give you a clean look that simulates the light from the moon. Accent lights can primarily be used to accentuate different features in your yard such as a pool, hot tub, architecture or trees.

Reusing Old Items

Time and time again people throw out things that they could essentially be using in their backyard. Obviously we’re not talking plastic milk jugs and potato chip bags. But you might be surprised at some of the items you have in your home right now and throw away often you could be using to make DIY lighting features. Not only are these designs better for the earth because you are upcycling them, but they are also budget friendly, easy to create and one of the biggest trends in recycling. A few of these ideas include:

  1. Old Paint Cans: By cleaning out the paint cans, painting the outside of them (different colors) and poking holes through the sides you can add a luminescent candle or burning candle on the bottom of the paint can.
  2. Mason Jars: You can find these mason jars for sale in craft stores, but if you have a few on hand you can actually use non-flammable paint to paint the outside of the jars, use metal twine to create a hook for hanging and place a candle inside the jars. The light from the candle and the paint creates a very mosaic / stained glass look that you just can’t beat for creativity.
  3. Hanging Jars: Just like the mason jars, but usually with a wider mouth and body, these hanging jars can be easily strung up using metal twine. Just place a small candle inside the jar and voila, a really simple, easy and unique design.

Wrap It Up With Starry Lights!

Stringed lights can be great, but there are also lights called Starry Lights which are another great option for landscape design.  Starry Lights are unlike regular string lights because the light is brighter and the string is not green, black or brown like most of the other lights wires are.

Instead, they are silver which fits well in many trees. These can be reused as well for indoor use on mantels, but they are primarily used for outdoor use. The silver wire is not made of a rubberized material either – it’s actually a bendable silver wire which means you can place these lights almost anywhere, even around a tree trunk or a light post and not have to worry about staples or tape.

If you’re thinking about sprucing up your yard or landscape with lighting and you’d like to explore options, schedule a consultation with us and we’ll put together a plan that will have you enjoying the evenings in your new backyard oasis.