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Celebrate The Season With Gratitude For The Outdoors

By November 10, 2021March 21st, 2022People in Profile
celebrate outdoors with gratitude

As we head into the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the things that bring us joy, and express gratitude for the bounty we’re given every day. It’s easy for the everyday stresses and pressures of life to command our time and attention, so it’s even more important than ever to take a moment to notice the beauty of the world around us.

Here at GROUNDS KEEPER, our mission is to bring beauty and joy to everyone whose lives we touch. We believe in the profound power of nature to heal, sustain, and nurture us, body and spirit. And we’re grateful for each person who gives us the opportunity to share this mission with them.

Today we’d like to share some words from a few of our customers who have found joy in their outdoor spaces, and who have been generous enough to share their gratitude with us. Their words, and knowing how we’ve touched their lives, is what keeps us going. Read a few of their stories to see what their outdoor spaces have helped them do.

front landscapeTransform

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a plan coming to life, translating from paper to reality, two-dimensional drawings becoming a three-dimensional, living, breathing landscape.

It can be even harder to imagine how that plan can transform a space – or even a life – and equally hard to explain. That’s one reason we’re so incredibly grateful to our customers for putting their own words to paper and letting us know just how their spaces have been transformed, and what it has meant to them personally.

Read what Joan and Vic from Middletown, New Jersey said about they experience:

It is hard to believe that this will be our third year that we have had our court yard! We now spend more of our time outside than we ever did before. In the mornings we have our breakfast and coffee in the morning sun which starts the day in a more relaxing mood. Even when it is too cold to go outside, the view from our kitchen windows gives our kitchen a warmer feeling. This area has also become a safer and nicer place for our dogs to romp. Before the court yard, we had no place for them to play without them getting into trouble or wondering onto the road. We would like to thank Grounds Keeper and everyone involved for making the outside of our home more enjoyable.

Sometimes the transformation isn’t just immediate, but something to look forward to over time. Janet and David, in Freehold, New Jersey, said it best:

I want to thank you for transforming my barren fenced yard into a beautiful, lush garden. You listened carefully to what we wanted and created such a beautiful design that has a variety of colors, includes some fruit plants, and has already attracted birds and hummingbirds. I can’t wait to see how it develops over the years.

Finally, Thomas and Lynn of Matawan, New Jersey, saw how their vision came to life in even grander fashion than they had imagined:

Several months ago we decided that a pond would be a nice addition to the landscape in our back yard. Well the day came for your crew to build the pond, and you showed us the different sizes that could be done. We chose the larger of the two sizes. And for the next several days we wondered if it was the right decision. But when all was completed, we were truly jubilant. What was once a flower bed and grass, now is a majestic pond, with water falls, streams and pond. It looks like something out of a natural wooded area was moved into our back yard. It is something that we will enjoy for years to come.

man viewing pondChallenge

Sometimes a transformation is internal as well as external. If it’s your first time undertaking a landscape project, the process can be a bit unnerving. Are you choosing the right person for the job? Are you making the right decisions for your space? Will you love the result or have regrets?

It takes a lot of faith to put your home into the hands of another person, and we’re truly grateful for every customer who entrusts us with their most personal space.

Kathy from Cranford, New Jersey, found that challenging herself to pursue her dream paid off in the end.

Each time you were at the house it was as if you were watching over your vision coming to life. It is obvious that your work is your passion and the finished garden is very much a personal expression of your artist ability and considerable knowledge. I talked to every landscaper I could find at every garden show and had more of them than I can count to my house but I knew they were not listening to what I envisioned the yard would not only look like, but what it would feel like. I am so thankful that I had the patience to keep looking until I found you. Your designs reflected exactly the types of things we talked about and I feel like I had a “safe” plan and a “bold” plan. I am grateful that you kept encouraging me to be bold!

We’re especially delighted when we can challenge someone to think a bit differently and see the potential that goes beyond their imagination. Megan and Henry from Wall Township, New Jersey, thought they knew exactly what they did – and didn’t! – want in their space, but they were willing to take a leap of faith and they were delighted that they did. So were we!

From our morning coffee to our evening wine, you will undoubtedly find at least one of us enjoying the sights and sounds that our new pond brings. If you recall, at first I was opposed to the idea; “Too much work”, “I’m not a fish person”, “We won’t ever find time to sit out there.” Was I wrong!!! It has become one of our favorite relaxation areas. We can not wait to see the pond area develop and evolve with the seasons. Thanks again for all your vision, expertise and talent.

Pat and Leeann from Wayside, New Jersey, felt nervous right up until the end, but they were willing to stretch their imaginations and wait for the payoff. Good communication and a shared passion for the outdoors were all anyone needed in the end.

The first time I saw the result my jaw almost hit the ground. I was so thrilled and proud of the result. I could not believe the vision that you had. I could only see two dimensional in the plan, but you could see three dimensional. I challenged many things but followed your lead on everything and boy am I glad I did. Your passion rubs off on your clients and you gave me the faith to take things well beyond what I originally planned. I know I can be difficult and always have lots of questions. You always make me feel at ease after discussing my concerns. Your attention to detail is second to none. I am so thankful to have used you and extremely lucky to have found you.

rock gardenRebuild

Landscape projects are born for many reasons. Sometimes an uninteresting space needs a makeover, or someone wants to improve a space to suit their lifestyle. But sometimes, tragedy strikes in the form of natural disasters that leave no choice but to rebuild.

We’re incredibly grateful for every opportunity we have to turn sadness back into joy and help our customers rebuild even better than before.

That’s what happened when a fire unexpectedly struck Andrew and Tina.

Our first pond and all of the area surrounding it was, sadly, destroyed by a fire. We would look at the mess outside and think that we would never be able to restore what we previously had, but we were very wrong. We called Grounds Keeper, and Jay came over and helped us to make what we had envisioned become a reality, and even better than we could have imagined! It was a pleasure having them at our home, and watching them transform the mess in our backyard into a truly beautiful and tranquil oasis for us. We now have a pond and landscaping that people tell us should be in a magazine. And we spend all the time we can outside enjoying it. We love to watch our beautiful fish, and all of the birds and butterflies that the pond and surrounding plants attract. Many times when you hire people to do something you end up being disappointed, but not with Grounds Keeper. We are so happy we used them, and we can’t thank them enough for the amazing job they did.

It was heartbreaking when Super Storm Sandy devastated so many homes, but from ashes comes opportunity. We can only be grateful that we were able to use our passion for the outdoors to help others, like Lennie, heal.

After Super Storm Sandy, not just houses were destroyed, but all of the landscape surrounding those homes, as well. I told Jay from Groundskeeper that I’d like a little rock garden in front of my home. He created a beautiful rock garden covering the entire front of my property and sculpted me a new back yard complete with new grass, a lovely assortment of trees and shrubs and flowers all of which are butterfly and bird friendly. Thank you for the incredible job and for giving me a place to relax and enjoy my morning coffee!

evening back yardAppreciate

Of course, one of the fundamental pleasures of a beautiful landscape is the ability to sit back and appreciate it with all of your senses. Not just the sights and colors, but the sounds, scents, textures and motion. Beauty comes from myriad places – plants and trees, the company of wildlife, down to every last stone.

One of our greatest pleasures is knowing that we opened up that sensory experience for our customers, like Diane and Loretta from Staten Island, New York.

We love every minute of our beautiful yard….pond, bog plantings, it is awesome. Loretta continues to tell everyone that comes to see “it’s more beautiful than I ever imagined”. The yard is so soothing and inviting at night. I walk out at 10 pm in my socks to just look into the pond and absorb the natural beauty all around me. Loretta loves the path lighting and the pond lights….we couldn’t be happier…We can’t thank you enough for creating “A Whole New World” in our back yard. People that visit are “entranced” with the transformation. You have created our paradise. Again thanks for giving us this happiness.

Esther and Edward of Holmdel, New Jersey, are particularly delighted by their pond and new critter friends.

The pond has brought the beauty of nature to our yard. The view and the sounds are peaceful and calming. We constantly observe new birds and butterflies – the aquatic plants are magnificent and constantly changing plus the fish are a pleasure to watch.In the evening the pond is lit by underwater lights and we look forward to relaxing and feeding the fish. Each day brings a new surprise. Last week we discovered a dozen baby fish!!! We finally have the feeling in our yard that we have been looking to achieve since living in this house.

Lisa and Roy of Morristown, New Jersey, sum it up better than we can:

We love our pond and garden. We did not know what we were missing. From inside or outside our home we experience the sights and sounds of flowing water. We are excited each day as we notice something new; the wind rustling the grasses and spreading aromas of lilacs and other pleasant smelling plants; The various flowers and flowering bushes that change with the seasons; the wildlife that our pond brings. We have seen birds, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, turtles and fish each day. Day or night we appreciate our home more then we could imagine.

three waterfallsReminisce

Our memories are filled with impressions, whether it’s a scent that reminds us of our childhood, or a sound that brings us back to a distant past. Some memories are etched into our hearts and minds, but it’s not every day that we get to relive them.

Once in a while we have a chance to do something uniquely special. For Victoria and Massimo in Rumson, New Jersey, that chance came in the form of recreating a memory. More than a dream come true, their landscape was a memory come true, and their story is heartwarming.

Seventy-five years ago, as a small child I was exposed to a small brook running through a garden of a friend of my father. Immediately, I fell in love with that beauty of Nature. The soothing running water, the variety of water plants and small living creatures of the brook remained impressed in my heart. Time comes and goes, the events of human life are intriguing and unpredictable. Here I am in the land of America and thanks to the wonderful skills of “GroundsKeeper” my dream finally came true!! This company has created the life of that memory, a sweet water runs through my backyard creating three small waterfalls, each one with its own musical sound. I could not be more happy of that. I close my eyes and I see myself sitting on the edge of a small brook of a garden in Sorrento….I am a child again and I thank Jay, Michael, Brian and their workers with all my heart. My wife and my family all share the magic!

garden pond fairyBecome A Poet!

Sometimes Mother Nature brings out the poet in us! When we’re immersed in a beautiful space, surrounded by the colors, textures, sounds, scents and movement of the world around us, it’s easier to express our inner thoughts and experiences.

Barbara from Old Bridge, New Jersey, found her inner poet thanks to a connection with her pond and landscape. We thought this was the perfect reflection to close within, since it so wonderfully expresses how profound an effect that nature can have.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to let you know how special our yard is now that we have our new pond. The same way not every house is a “home”, not every yard is an “oasis”. Thank goodness we all have the ability to bring the special ingredients into our home to make it a safe haven and a loving environment.

The pleasureful sound of the falling water, the beauty of an entirely independent “universe”, the familiarity of the fish and the wonder and purity of nature are an overwhelmingly necessary part of refreshing and recharging your spirit at the end of the day.

Just as the earth is mostly water, so are we, and the connection to the running water and the beauty and strength of the pond’s ecosystem connects with me on a spiritual level. I am at peace when I am at home in my yard. I am connected in a much deeper way to life’s cycle and life’s beauty and it instills in me a deeper respect and honor for all that I encounter. It is my center for meditation and replenishes my connection to life’s simplest and most important treasures.

Thank you, Jay, for contributing to the well-being of our family through the installation of the pond.

If you found any of these words inspiring, let us know how we can bring that same joy and gratitude into your life.