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Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends

By September 1, 2014March 22nd, 2022Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends

Outdoor kitchens vary in style based on the preferences, personal tastes and hosting style of the homeowner. Outdoor kitchen design can be as simple as an open built-in grill or as complex as a complete kitchen which includes refrigerators, storage, side burners and grills.

Each design is completely unique and will reflect the wants and needs of the homeowner. However, there have been some trends that have come and gone over the last few years. Where outdoor kitchens used to be just on the homeowner’s wish list, they are becoming a standard feature. With this large scale change comes various trends.

Versatile Grills That Do Everything

Just a few years back outdoor grills only featured a small gas grill which contained a couple of burners and maybe a side extension shelf used for holding condiments. Top of the line grills might have had two condiment shelves.

But today, homeowners want increased flexibility as well as high quality construction. They also desire many more standard features like grills with as many as 12 burners, variable temperature control, electronic ignition, a warming rack and a smaller burner on the side for warming sauces or boiling water.

The preferred colors for outdoor grills have also changed from the once basic black to colored finishes or stainless steel.

Throw In The Kitchen Sink

One of the most current trends in outdoor kitchen design includes a wide variety of features that pretty much covers everything from lighting, weatherproof cabinetry, storage, furniture, fireplaces, refrigerators and music systems to fireplaces.

Today’s outdoor kitchen is not created just to cook food. It’s about much more; like entertaining guests and making them comfortable outside. These areas are typically open air structures including floors, adjustable lighting, food prep areas and tile floors. There really is everything in today’s outdoor kitchen including the kitchen sink.

Cabinet Design

Incorporating stainless steel cabinets into the outdoor kitchen is one of the fastest growing trends today. There are multiple choices when it comes to style such as lockable storage, pullout trash bins, sink units, or a variety of door and drawer combinations.

Stainless steel cabinetry is also resistant to nearly any type of destructive force. They resist rot, weather changes and insects. Many of the designs are created to work with a variety of outdoor appliances and grilling units.

Pizza Ovens In The Backyard

The most popular outdoor appliance this year is the pizza oven. Who has to call out for pizza anymore? This reflects the current social trend to stay home more and entertain in a totally relaxed atmosphere.

There are many different types of outdoor pizza ovens to choose from including stainless steel, arch topped ovens, or stone lined varieties. If you have the pocketbook for it, the open flame Artisan Fire pizza oven can be perfect. There is also a wood fired pizza oven which is an all brick option that can deliver a tasty pizza.

Coverings For The Outdoor Kitchen

Gone are the days of the simple umbrella or trellis over a patio. Outdoor kitchen design today includes stylish coverings designed to keep out the rain, sun and hungry birds. Having an extensive covering can also provide protection for cabinets, countertops and appliances.

This helps keep the homeowner’s investment safe for a much longer period of time. It can also provide for a much cooler environment which can help refrigerators and freezers run more efficiently.

Built-In Seating Arrangements

Some of the most modern design elements include outdoor seating arrangements. This offers guests a convenient place to sit, relax and socialize. It might simply be a bar countertop which is situated close to the area where food is being prepared, or bench seating neatly arranged around a fire pit.

In a covered area, one new trend is to include dining areas with tables and chairs, or coffee shop style tables. Built-in benches can serve a large crowd as can the latest seating trends like seat walls. Seating arrangements in outdoor areas can be incorporated into the hardscape design and customized to meet the needs of the guests being served. The type of seating incorporated into the outdoor kitchen area will depend largely on the actual kitchen design and the types of features and elements being used.

Have you dreamed of entertaining in your own outdoor kitchen? Ask us how we can help make that dream a reality!