Landscape Lighting

With Beauty & Purpose

Soothing ambiance, beautiful highlights and a touch of drama

Sometimes clients don’t realize the extent of what they can achieve outdoors. Think about moonlight. We can put lights high up in trees to create moonlight so you don’t think of it as lighting at all.

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Lighting Designed To Emanate From The Earth Itself

Whether you’re looking for safety lighting, soothing ambiance or a touch of drama, we can transform your space into a nighttime paradise. Lighting installed in trees can make even the darkest evening come to life as naturally as if Mother Nature had done it herself. Landscape lighting along walkways, patios and pool edging enhances safety. Underwater lighting creates a magical evening setting where you can relax or entertain. You might be surprised by the effects you can achieve with landscape lighting. Enhance your New Jersey home through the interplay of light and shadow, use lighting to set a mood, create a warm environment for relaxing, or add nighttime drama to draw every eye in the neighborhood to your home.

Set A Scene To Suit Your Lifestyle

Our landscape and lighting design professionals will work with you to understand your desires and recommend ways to enhance your property with lighting. Our focus is on designing a space that is both beautiful and functional, so you can enjoy it no matter the time of day. Our specialists are trained in the design and installation of low-voltage LED lighting, whether it’s ground lighting, underwater lighting or down-lighting from the tops of trees. Yours will be the envy of every Monmouth County home!

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We initially hadn’t considered the possibility of including a pond… As it turns out, it was the best decision we ever made. Neither of us realized how much we would enjoy sitting beside the pond, especially in the evening hours under the soft glow of the surrounding landscape lighting. It is so peaceful and relaxing and has really allowed us to enjoy our yard in a way we never did before. We find ourselves entertaining much more and our guests rave about the pond as well as the adjoining patio and pergola, which together create the feel of an outdoor room.

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Let Us Help You Create A Picture-Worthy Home

Landscape lighting is one of the single most-requested features of new homebuyers. It not only adds beauty and curb appeal, but it allows you to enjoy your space day or night, all year long, and even increases the value of your home. The secret to beautiful landscape lighting is working with the natural surroundings to make it appear as if the light is emanating from the moon, stars and earth itself.

We recognize that there’s a lot of competition in the landscape world and that you have many professionals to choose from. That’s why we welcome you to visit our showroom and put us to the test. Come see our garden designs, share your vision with us and let’s talk about how we can design a landscape that improves the curb appeal of your home and gives you a space to enjoy throughout each season.

Let's talk about adding the beauty and functionality of landscape lighting to your home!

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