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Naturalistic Landscapes

Four season landscapes for how you live

When we design your landscape, we focus on the connection between interior and exterior spaces and between naturalistic gardens and the wider landscape. We incorporate our design with the natural features of the land and the architecture of your home to create an emotional response through sight, sound, scent, and motion. Explore the different services we offer then contact us to talk about bringing your vision to life.

Harmony & Beauty

Naturalistic landscaping takes every opportunity to incorporate colors, textures, sound, scent, and motion into your outdoor space in a way that works with nature rather than dominates it. Our mission to create naturalistic outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable. Everything we design is part of a balanced ecosystem that fits seamlessly into your surrounding landscape.

Native & Sustainable

A naturalistic landscape is naturally low-maintenance and ecologically sound. As part of our design process, we work with you to choose the right materials, colors, patterns and textures to suit your personal style, the unique characteristics of your home and environment, how you plan to use your space, and more.

From the very get go Jay and his team are extremely organized and punctual. All work was completed on schedule. There was constant communication. Estimates were drafted up almost instantaneously as the work progressed so there were never any extra expense surprises. Meticulous in approach, artistic in design and caring in details. Clearly not just a job, this is a vocation for Jay and his team.

Matthew L.Keyport, New Jersey

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