Pond Design & Maintenance In Monmouth County New Jersey

GROUNDS KEEPER is an award-winning, Aquascape-certified pond design and installation company located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. We’ve been building beautiful aquascapes for clients since 1973, bringing the sights, sounds and motion of water to spaces large and small.

We specialize in pond design and installation, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls and pond maintenance.

Our experienced pond designers create naturally balanced, low-maintenance ecosystem ponds that work within your natural surroundings. Many clients who thought they only wanted a small pond have fallen in love with it, only to call us a few years later, or even by the next season, to expand their ponds. Some clients who had never considered installing a pond discovered just how soothing and enjoyable it is to sit beside one, gaze at the colorful koi and goldfish, even entertain beside a well-lit pond during a relaxing evening.

Whether you have room for a large pond, a small pondless waterfall, or anything in between, we can bring all the benefits and enjoyment of water to your outdoor space.

Our backyard has been transformed into the world’s smallest, but most beautiful, wildlife preserve. We can sit on our patio and watch our own reality nature show…from the fish in the pond, to the birds in the feeder, butterflies around the plants and raccoons and possums scurrying across the back fence…1,000 times better than HDTV ever could be. It’s beautiful, romantic, tranquil and exciting all at the same time. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Stacey and Keith H.Metuchen, NJ

The Healing Power Of Water

Did you know that water has proven powers to soothe, heal and restore? Studies have shown that simply being in the presence of water can relieve stress and anxiety, can help you heal from surgery faster, and even has a positive effect on Alzheimer’s patients.

Water in the form of a pond can be a source of relaxation and enjoyment, whether you’re appreciating the sight of the wildlife it brings, enjoying the playful antics of colorful koi, or savoring in the sound of a waterfall cascading over natural stone.

For those with busy, hectic lives, a pond is your own bit of paradise and we can bring your dreams of a more peaceful space to life.

Our design process helps you visualize just how beautiful your outdoor space can be with the addition of a new pond. As part of our process, we invite you to visit our Matawan showroom to see the ponds, waterfalls and pondless waterfalls that we’ve designed and built to inspire you.

Next, we’ll take you on a tour of our site so you can experience the sights, sounds, scents and feelings that water can evoke. We’ll show you our photo gallery to help spark your imagination and bring your vision alive with possibilities.

Then if you’re comfortable with our ideas, we’ll visit your home to determine how your vision will work with your property. Based on our review of your property, we’ll paint a picture of the full potential of your pond project and offer options to suit the investment that you wish to make.

Building An Ecosystem Pond Is Art And Science

ponds fish koi

The ponds we build rely on a natural balance of circulation, filtration, plants, fish, rocks and gravel to ensure sustainability and beauty.

When we design your pond, we consider the layout and location, the sun, shade and wind, proximity to your house and more.

We want you to enjoy your pond from both inside and outside your home. That’s why we help you choose the perfect location, so whether you’re sitting outside with a cup of coffee on a warm summer morning, or watching ice form in breathtaking crystals on your waterfall during a cold winter day, you can enjoy your pond to its fullest.

The pond has beautiful waterfall with subtle twists and turns, a stone bridge, stone steps from our deck, wonderful plants and even caves for our fish. We love listening to sounds of the water and the way the lighting adds to our enjoyment in the evening. Everyone is happy, even the goldfish. All our visitors loved the changes even my 2 year old niece who after swimming in the pool asked her mother if she could go to the park. She meant the stream; she wanted to walk in the waterfall.

Kathy and Harry L.Sea Girt, NJ

Certified Aquascape Pond Contractors

As Certified Aquascape professionals, we’re well-versed in the most current tools, techniques and technologies and bring our rigorous education and training to every project.

Aquascape is recognized as the standard setter in the pond and water gardening industry. Certified installers of Aquascape have installed tens of thousands of water projects and their methods draw on all of that shared experience. Within the state of New Jersey, only a small handful of pond contractors can claim certification.

As part of our certification, we are required to maintain a proven record of outstanding work and dedicated customer service and support. That’s why our customers come back to us year after year to enhance, enlarge or maintain their ponds.

ponds spitting fish

We love our pond and garden. We did not know what we were missing. From inside or outside our home we experience the sights and sounds of flowing water. We are excited each day as we notice something new; the wind rustling the grasses and spreading aromas of lilacs and other pleasant smelling plants; The various flowers and flowering bushes that change with the seasons; the wildlife that our pond brings. We have seen birds, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, turtles and fish each day. Day or night we appreciate our home more then we could imagine.

Lisa and Roy N.Morristown, NJ

Let Us Design And Build A Low Maintenance, Natural Ecosystem Pond For You

ponds waterfall

If you’re looking for an award-winning pond contractor that you can trust, one with the certifications, experience and vision to bring all the pleasures of a pond to your home, visit our showroom or get in touch with us online and let us know you’d like a consultation.

We’re available to answer your questions and share our passion for ponds with you.

You can also read the words of the many happy clients we’ve served in the past.

If you would like us to design a breathtaking water feature like a pond, waterfall or stream for your property or if you would like to incorporate one of those features into your landscape project, we can make your dream a reality.

Contact Us And Let Us Show You Just How beautiful Your Space Can Be