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Show Your Yard Some Love! Add Beauty And Romance To Your Landscape

By February 6, 2017March 22nd, 2022Landscape Design
Show Your Yard Some Love! Add Beauty And Romance To Your Landscape

In the spirit of this season of love, why not spread a little to your outdoor space? It’s easy to turn a lonely, neglected yard into one that you can truly adore. Try one of these ideas next time you’re looking to add some romance to your space.

Arches And ArborsArches And Arbors

From a simple doorway into another part of your yard, to an elaborate hallway of plants and flowers, arches and arbors seem tailor made for the romantic in us.

Use one to create interest in a small yard, where separation and a bold focal point can actually make a small space appear larger. Add drama to a large patio or deck, while at the same time creating a cozier space for party guests to congregate.

Some plants make perfect companions to these landscape beauties, so choose well! Lilac is an enduring favorite, with its delicate petals and heavenly fragrance. Clematis, Trumpet Vine and Honeysuckle will all reward you with enchanting blooms, and Ivies will add a subtle touch of class to the shadiest of corners.

The materials you choose will also determine the effects you can achieve. Wood can go from rustic to modern, Transitional to Asian. Iron can be a romantic’s best friend, offering everything from classic lines, to soft curves, simple designs to detailed filigrees.

Arbors and arches can be a winter delight, too. They can add much-needed height and depth, and winter vines provide a charming palette for falling snow.

Fountains And Pondless WaterfallsFountains And Pondless Waterfalls

Few things add interest and charm to a landscape like running water, and you can reap the benefits of a fountain or waterfall in even the tiniest space. Add one to your yard, patio, deck or porch and run it all year long to create the perfect nesting spot for relaxing.

Water has the benefit of appealing to multiple senses, bringing both visual delight and soothing sounds. From tall waterfalls cascading over natural stone to low-lying water tumblers, there are options to suit any style and space.

Bubblers come in myriad shapes and sizes – tall and stately, round and playful – and in myriad materials, from natural stone, to ceramic and more.

Spillway bowls are another way to create a running water feature that can also incorporate plants and stones. They can even be linked together or added to any pool or pond for a truly unique effect.

And if you want to take romance to a whole new level, consider adding lighting to turn your water feature into a magical evening setting. Candlelight has nothing on an elegantly lit waterfall!

Fireplaces And Fire PitsFireplaces And Fire Pits

If you’re not ready to give up candlelight, give a fireplace or fire pit a try! Much like water, fire brings an auditory and a visual dimension, with the bonus of adding heat to a chilly winter evening.

Outdoor fireplaces set the scene for alfresco dining and make the perfect backdrop against which you can enjoy a relaxing glass of wine. They can be tall and bold, with space to add planters holding greenery or other décor, or petite and cozy, surrounded by a few low-lying chairs.

Stone fireplaces can be built to look like an outdoor chimney, bringing a touch of tradition to your space. Or add some stacked stone to a deck or patio for a more modern, streamlined approach.

No room for a fireplace, or don’t want to commit to one long-term? A fire pit gives you the benefits of an open flame in an easy-to-install and easy-to-move kit. You don’t even need a landscape architect to help you build one. Choose one in a style and material you love, and you’re ready to go! Extra points for romance if you bring the chocolate and marshmallows.

Window BoxesWindow Boxes

Window boxes can add an endearing touch to any home, enhancing beauty and improving curb appeal at the same time. They’re versatile enough to hold just about any type of plant that suits you – from crawling vines to swaying grasses, regal topiaries to bold blooms.

Choose a single color for a soothing effect, or an explosion of color for a vibrant one. White adds elegance. Pastels create romance. Bright colors denote whimsy.

Don’t think you can add appeal with window boxes during winter months? Pine and holly sprigs look stunning against a monochromatic winter backdrop and are especially charming during a snowfall.

If you play your cards right at the end of the fall season, you can snip a few garden favorites like hydrangea and roses and dry them to use in foam-filled winter boxes.

Decorate with natural additions like pine cones, eucalyptus, dried pomegranates, birch branches, flower pods, and even driftwood for a completely natural, personal touch.

Edible herbs are another ideal container choice for warmer months and make it a snap to reach out your window and grab some rosemary for that romantic dinner you’re cooking.

Not a fan of “window” boxes? You can achieve similar effects by adding the same containers to a deck or porch rail.

Whether you want a rustic or modern look, a touch of class or a flash of fancy, you can do a lot for your landscape by making a few simple changes. Once you let your imagination roam, you might be surprised by what you can envision. Cozy seating areas, inviting outdoor rooms, tasteful hardscapes, enchanting trellises, and much more.

Lit with sun by day or landscape lighting by night, whether under the warm summer sun or the cold winter stars, your landscape can be your land-escape. Contact us for a consultation if you’d like to learn more about how we can create a perfectly suited outdoor space where you can relax, entertain – and live the romance – all year long.