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Skip The Landscape Redesign: Go For Rejuvenation Instead

By March 10, 2015March 22nd, 2022Property Maintenance
landscape rejuvenation

A beautiful landscape adds value to your home and creates an outdoor living space that you can enjoy all year long. And if you have a Master Plan then you most likely have a long-term vision for your space that will serve you well in years to come.

But sometimes you may look around your outdoor space and feel a little… blah. You may wonder where the magic went or maybe your imagination has roamed even further beyond your original vision and you’re dreaming of more.

When that happens, should you scrap your landscape and start again? Rethink and redesign it to match your new needs and new vision?

Well, maybe not… if you’ve got a solid foundation you may not need a full on redesign. It may just be time for a bit of rejuvenation.

So what’s a landscape rejuvenation and how do you do it? Consider these ideas and then talk to your landscape professional about incorporating them into your outdoor space for a brand new look and feel.

Add A Water Feature

Few things are as relaxing and personally rejuvenating as the soothing sounds of running water. If your space doesn’t yet host a water feature, it may be time to incorporate one.

Water features come in many varieties so you can find one that suits your needs. If you’ve got the space, you may want to consider a waterfall that cascades into a pool or pond. For smaller spaces, fountains add a touch of drama to accompany the gentle burbling of the water.

Even a simple birdbath can add a natural touch with the added bonus of attracting wildlife.

Adding a pond is a great way to include a water feature and the vibrant colors of koi, all of which will add visual appeal and natural movement to your space.

If you already have a water feature, consider how it can be spruced up. Add new natural stone or even some simple ornamentation to your pond, or revamp an ailing retaining wall.

Revitalize Plant Life

Even the most beautifully planned and planted space needs maintenance and can become a bit unruly and overgrown without care. If it’s been a while since your last pruning or if a change in season has your space looking less than stunning, a good cleanout may be just what you need.

Getting rid of the “choke” can do wonders for not only the aesthetics of your space but can also create an atmosphere where plants can thrive. Remove dead leaves and excessive growth, prune back plants and greenery and watch your space open up.

Once your landscape is cleaned up it will be easier to assess where it may benefit from new plants, bushes or flowers. You might be amazed by how revitalizing a few colorful and carefully placed flowers can be!

Attract More Wildlife

One of the surest ways to rejuvenate a static space is by adding the color, sound and movement of wildlife. But you can’t exactly capture a handful of birds and butterflies and store them in your garden, so how do you manage the wildlife that appears there?

Simple: with the right plant life.

You can attract butterflies with native plants, especially those with brightly colored flowers. Flat stones placed in the sun also provide an excellent resting spot for butterflies to bask and spread their wings.

Hummingbirds are also fond of certain native plants, especially those that grow in full sun. Like butterflies, they enjoy brightly colored flowers as well as variety. Your water feature will come in handy here, too, because hummingbirds require a lot of water – a shallow bath or light spray will work well.

And there are plenty more birds where those came from! Cardinals are easily attracted with fruit-bearing shrubs, bluebirds will enjoy your birdbath and robins will come for the worms and stay for the berries.

With a bit of planning and some strategic enhancements, you can turn an uninspiring space into a delight once again. It doesn’t have to take a do-over, either. The right elements, a bit of water, some wildlife and even a touch of ornamentation will have you enjoying the beauty of your outdoor living area.

Let us know how we can help take your space from “just ok” to magical once again!