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True Love Is A Water Feature! Tour The Back Yard Dreams Of These Two Families

By July 15, 2021March 22nd, 2022People in Profile
True Love Is A Water Feature! Tour The Back Yard Dreams Of These Two Families

Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy, recently toured several properties designed by our Grounds Keeper team. Come along with us to see how people across Monmouth County are living the Aquascape lifestyle, and let it feed your imagination!

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In this fun two-yard tour, Greg the Pond Guy will show you two completely different types of ponds, built for two uniquely personal reasons. Both homeowners started out as DIYers, and both found their love of water features grow over time. We’ve included a few highlights here, but be sure to watch the full video to enjoy the full effect!

diy to upgrade pondVignette 1: Big, Bigger, Biggest

Meet Juan and his wife Martha, two pond enthusiasts who started out with a simple idea: add the sound of water to their back yard.

To make that dream a reality for his wife, Juan took on a DIY pond project with a friend. They built a small 3×4 pond with a couple of koi and goldfish purchased from Grounds Keeper’s showroom, and both he and Martha loved the end result.

But, as Greg notes in the video, a typical homeowner goes through three phases – big, bigger, biggest! And that’s exactly what happened here, as Juan then asked Grounds Keeper to upgrade the pond, added more koi, and then decided to upgrade yet again to an even bigger pond with specially imported Japanese koi.

Watch the video to hear the whole story and feast your eyes on some gorgeous koi, in shades from lemon yellow to bright orange and pearly white.

turtle pondVignette 2: Just For The Turtles

When Rob met his wife Marie for the first time seven years ago, she bought two turtles to keep as pets in an indoor aquarium. That worked out well for a while, but as the turtles grew, they began to outgrow their tanks, and both Rob and Marie knew they wanted to build something much larger.

They’re self-described DIYers, so they took to the internet to research ponds and learn what they needed to know to build their family turtles a new home. But the more they learned, the more they realized that what they wanted to accomplish was more than they could handle. And all signs pointed right to Grounds Keeper as the solution.

You’ll get to see their turtle pond at just two weeks old, with protective fencing, new landscaping, and two very happy red eared slider turtles. Rob says that Jay knew what they wanted before they even knew themselves, and both he and his wife are glad they listened to Jay’s professional opinion.

The pond now serves as their relaxing “no-work zone” and all four family members are loving every second of it.

If you’ve enjoyed this video, and want a new pond, are thinking about an upgrade, or have some unique vision that you’d like help exploring, book a consultation with us and let’s talk about how we can make those dreams a reality.