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Water Features Everywhere! Take A Tour Of The Aquascape Lifestyle

By June 15, 2021June 17th, 2024Ponds
aquascape water features

Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy, recently toured several properties designed by our Grounds Keeper team. Come along with us to see how people across Monmouth County are living the Aquascape lifestyle, and let it feed your imagination!

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Two properties are highlighted in this video tour, each with multiple water features. You’ll see ponds, waterfalls, bubblers and more, all built to be beautiful, four-season, and naturally low-maintenance. We’ve noted a few highlights here, but you’re going to want to see the full video to be truly inspired. Get ready to experience the Aquascape lifestyle in two uniquely stunning settings!

stacked stone urn
Vignette 1: One House, Four Water Features

Meet Bill and Linda, a true poster-family for the Aquascape lifestyle. They love to entertain at their home, so they built not one, not two, but four unique water features, starting with a pond right in their front yard.

A front yard pond adds instant curb appeal, and in Bill’s own words, it draws people in and then leads them around the house for more.

For Bill and Linda, it’s a relaxing lifestyle, especially while working from home during the pandemic. With a computer workstation facing the pond, work time is idyllic time.

The back yard is an entertainer’s paradise – deck, patio, pergola, outdoor kitchen, pool, and yes, another pond. This one is visible – and audible! – from the kitchen window, as well as the master bedroom above, adding a nice touch of beauty and serenity.

Greg makes a note of the pool and pond and wonders out loud, “Why choose one when you can have both?”

The side of the house boasts a stacked stone urn, in what used to be a “dead area” with nothing interesting to see. Now it’s a lovely, peaceful garden that Bill enjoys all year long from the window across from his indoor fireplace.

pond inside viewVignette 2: A House With A View

Janie is the happy owner of a waterscape that was her husband George’s 80th birthday present. Not everyone is lucky enough to get an entire waterscape for their birthday, but after seeing this you may be tempted to put it on your list.

The house sits on a lake, with the big, bright windows you might expect to take advantage of the view. But the lake isn’t the only view. A back yard pondless waterfall is visible through a wide, lovely pane of glass from the moment you walk through the front door.

With a veranda to sit and soak in the view, and a unique fire feature that you have to see to believe, this tour is bound to inspire you to dream of _your_ next water feature.

If you’ve enjoyed touring these properties and you’d like to be part of the Aquascape lifestyle, contact us for a consultation. We’ll plan your dream waterscape – pond, pool, fountain, bubbler, column, waterfall, stream, you name it! – so you can enjoy its beauty all year long. Best of all, you can do it with very little effort, and that’s a whole lot better than mowing lawns on Saturdays!